High success rates

The most important performance indicator to measure our quality in international debt collection. The worldwide Qllective partners have been selected upon their quality and performance in the market. Moreover, due to the regional coverage per country, the Qllective partner are not only fully up to date with national laws and requirements, but are also as close to your debtor as possible. Obviously, a clear insight in the regional marketplace and the (financial) position of your debtor will lead to maximum results. Finally, our provision which is based upon successful collection, guarantees you that our international debt collection partners will always try harder to collect your open debt.

Representation creditor

In the process of collecting your open debt, we represent you. Therefore, the Qllective partners will avoid any illegal practices, as well as in regular business behavior, as in the debt collection process. Qllective partners live up to local laws, regulations and practices, particularly avoiding non-ethical debt collection and ensuring data protection.


Your local Qllective international debt collection partner will provide you with all information over files being collected, wherever in the world. Easy communication in your own language. Our intelligent IT system facilitates the Qllective partners in translations and prompt follow-up of communication.

Fixed fees

International debt collection should be as transparent as possible, and financially based upon the added value of debt collection. The commission of the Qllective partners is based upon successful recovery of your open debts. No upfront fees, no hidden costs and/or charges and/or sign up fees.

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