International debt collection should be as transparent as possible, and financially based upon the added value of debt collection. Therefore, within the Qllective network, you will have no upfront fees and no hidden charges or costs.

No Collection, No Fee

Our commission is based upon monies collected, via our Partner or directly to you, once you have placed your open debt(s) with us.

Debt collection tariffs:

  • Minimum collection fee: € 100,-
    (only in case of collection)
  • Collected debts in Europe: 15%
  • Collected debts in Asia: 25%
  • Collected debts in Africa: 25%
  • Collected debts in Oceania: 25%
  • Collected debts in North America: 25%
  • Collected debts in South America: 25%

Legal actions

Although our aim is to collect your open debts amicably, sometimes litigation is unavoidable to collect your debts. Please note you will take full advantage of the knowledge and financial agreements our partners have with instigating legal procedures. Of course you will be informed first about the assessment of the case and the financial implications before any legal actions are started.

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