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Thank you for your your interest in Qllective, the international debt collection network. If your company fits our requirements (and we fit yours), this might be the beginning of a successful cooperation.

To expand our international debt collection network, Qllective is looking for independent debt collection specialists, who have an excellent position and excellent debt collection results in the area they are located in. No international experience is needed, but your clients preferably should have some international debtors.

As a partner of our international debt collection network, you will receive all international debts of our partners for debtors who are located in your region. Likewise, you will have to use our international debt collection partners if one of your clients transfers you an international file.

Via this methodology, creditors are guaranteed to get a maximum collection success on their international files, because their files will be handled by a debt collection specialist with full national and regional experience/knowledge regarding laws and requirements, and moreover, a debt collection specialist who is located in the same region as the debtor.
For a full overview of our current partners, please check international debt collection network partners

Please be advised upfront, we will not accept all potential partners; as we need to be convinced a new partner will have the same high quality standards as our current partners. Moreover, if your region is already covered by a Qllective partner, we will also have to disappoint you.

The quickest way to contact us, to explore future cooperation, is to send us an email via
We look forward to discuss your possibilities to join our international debt collection network.

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