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Debt collection agencies:

Q: How can I join the Qllective International debt collection network?

A: The quickest way to get in touch with us, is via service@qllective.com. We will get in touch with you to discuss your possible partnership.


Q: There is already a Qllective partner in my region. Can I still join Qllective?

A: The Qllective network is based upon 1 debt collection partner per region per country. If you are based in a region which is already covered by a Qllective partner, we will have to disappoint you.


Q: Which advantages does the Qllective debt collection network offer?

A: You can offer a qualitative international debt collection solution to your current and potential customers.

A: As a Qllective partner, you will exclusively receive all worldwide open debts from the foreign Qllective partners for debtors in your region.



Q: I cannot find a Qllective debt collection partner in my region to transfer my international open debts.

A: Please contact us via service@qllective.com. We will provide a solution.


Q: Can I login to your system to see the status of my transferred files?

A: Sorry, we do not provide this option. Please check with your local Qllective partner. They will gladly update you over the status of your files.

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